Area Rep for Sypris Tube Turns Quick Opening Closures and Insulated Joints

Water, Process Chemical & Natural Gas Pipeline Quick Access Hinged Closures, Monolithic Insulated Joints, and Anchor Flanges 

Tool-Less (Locking Band) Style Quick Opening Closures

Applications include Launchers, Filter Separators, and other types of ASME Pressure Vessels. 

Monolithic Insulated or Isolation Joints

Weld End Insulators-  used are part of a  pipeline cathodic protection system to block stray electric charges. 

Double Bolt Yoke Style Quick Opening Closure

Designed to ASME Sec VIII Div 1. These closures can be used on a variety of applications requiring quick access. 

T-Bolt (Swing Bolt) Style Manway Closures

Compact design, light weight, and simplicity of construction and operation are keynotes of the T-Bolt Hinged Closure. 

Closure Operation, Training, and Maintenance Videos

Each closure style operates differently and some are better depending on your application. We also cover the different option